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About us

Petite Piccolo was developed by a group of mothers with a variety of expertise and backgrounds, but all with the same idea, to design reusable, high quality products at an affordable price, with baby’s health, and well-being at the forefront of their minds.

Quality is key combining the very best premium fabrics, that are not only functional but stand the test of time. Core pieces include; the Luna blanket, swaddle blankets, muslins and hooded towels. All carefully art worked in pretty, neutral, unisex prints for style conscious parents.

Each piece from the collection is crafted from a 32s yarn count, to achieve the softest touch against baby's delicate skin. Cotton muslin is fundamental to each design, due to its unique breathability, ensuring baby's health and safety remain number one. Whilst circling back to the brands namesake; ‘Petite’ meaning ‘small’ and ‘Piccolo’, meaning ‘half-sized flute’, referencing the breathable cotton, like a flute with its holes.

All products are reusable, and available pre-washed, to ensure multiple washes at home don't distort the size and shape of the original product, allowing each product to be passed down from sibling to sibling.

The collection is ultimately defined by the foundation pieces that every baby needs. Styles are practical, with comfort, versatility and affordability key considerations during the design process.