Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too TV Show

The eagerly anticipated first episode of Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too was aired on Monday 7th January on E4 culminating in the arrival of baby Theodore.

Baby Theodore is seen wrapped and comforted during the show in Petite Piccoloís Stars and Moon muslin swaddle and towards the end of the show, being rocked to sleep, whilst be warmly covered by Petite Piccoloís Feather muslin blanket.

The beauty of Petite Piccoloís swaddles mean that your little one can be wrapped up from as early as one week old, as baby Theodore can be seen in his One Week old picture. The swaddles are large in size and so are very versatile using at home or out and about.

Bizziebaby Gold Award 2019

Our Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Luna Blanket and Hooded Towel Set were entered in the 12th Annual Bizziebaby Awards 2019.

The Petite Piccolo products were sent to 3 independent testers to use with their little ones. After weeks of testing and using the products, each reviewer provided their feedback to Bizziebaby.

As a result, Petite Piccolo was awarded Bizziebaby Gold Awards 2019 for all 3 products; Luna Blanket, Swaddle Blankets and Hooded Towel Set!

Here’s what the Independent Mothers who tested our product say…

“I wish they made them to fit me as it looked so snug to be wrapped up, I also liked the fact that it was a neutral colour as most things seem to be either blue or pink. I was a lovely addition to have the washcloth too as a softer alternative to a sponge. We will be taking both with us when our little one stays in hospital.”

“Perfect neutral colours. The size of it is great and the cotton material is so lovely for baby. It is not scratchy and is so lovely and soft on the skin. You can use it for lots of different things and you can wash it easily which is perfect – I love his blanket and is definitely the best blanket we have ever had or used!”

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A little bit about us

All the products are natural, and made from 100% prewashed cotton muslin. The Petite Piccolo range offers a selection of breathable fabrics that absorb wetness, but are both multi-functional and versatile.

Our collections are defined by the foundation pieces every baby needs. Crafted for your baby’s well-being and comfort, and perfect for enjoying those precious moments together.

Our range of Petite Piccolo products are made from 32s yarn, 100% prewashed cotton muslin. The higher the yarn count…the finer the yarn…the softer the cotton.

By manufacturing in cotton rather than alternative fabrics, Petite Piccolo is ensuring that absorbency is a key feature of its products. 100% cotton muslin is used in all Petite Piccolo products due to its breathability, which adds a key safety factor to all baby products. Using a higher than normal yarn count adds to the softness of the product. All the products are prewashed, which ensures that multiple washes at home would not distort the size and shape of the original product. Read More

Celebrity, Social influencer Spotted

Eva Longoria’s baby spotted laying on our Swaddle Blanket

Zoe Hardman’s Baby wearing our Swaddle Blankets and Muslins

Caroline Thomas’s son wearing our Hooded Towel Set

Vogue William’s baby spotted sleeping on our Luna Blanket and wrapped up in our Swaddle Blanket on the Spencer, Vogue and Baby too on E4

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