The eagerly anticipated first episode of Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too aired on Monday 7th January on E4 culminating in the arrival of baby Theodore.

Baby Theodore is seen wrapped and comforted during the show in Petite Piccoloís Stars and Moon muslin swaddle and towards the end of the show, being rocked to sleep, whilst be warmly covered by Petite Piccoloís Feather muslin blanket. 

The beauty of Petite Piccoloís swaddles mean that your little one can be wrapped up from as early as one week old, as baby Theodore can be seen in his One Week old picture. The swaddles are large in size and so are very versatile using at home or out and about.

All Petite Piccoloís products are made from 100% prewashed cotton muslin and provide a soft, luxurious feel from initial use and after multiple washes. The swaddles are 120cm x 120cm in size and available in both prints seen on the show, with a pack of 3 retailing at £27.95.

The Luna blanket by Petite Piccolo is soft and comfy blanket that is made for four layers of muslin, available in Stars and Moon or Feather print, which was used towards to the end of the show, retailing at £35.95.

Vogue Williams and Spencer holding Baby Theodore, who is wrapped up in our super soft Muslin Swaddle Blanket.
In week 1 he is swaddled comfortably in our Stars and Moon printed, Swaddle Blanket
Precious moments – Baby Theodore having cuddle time with Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews. – Baby wearing Petite Piccolo Stars and Moon Printed Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Favourite part of show when he puts Theodore to sleep, by singing to him. Then finally snuggling him up in the Feathered printed Luna Blanket

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