How to swaddle

Swaddle Blankets have to be one of my everyday baby wear essentials. I am a first time mum and my baby girl’s name is Alanna. I am not going to lie being a mum is hard work, it has completely changed my husbands and I’s life. Our Friday night’s have now gone from dining in London to spending it at home keeping an eye on the baby monitor!

The newborn stage is particularly tough especially in the first 2 weeks. I spent my time breast feeding Alanna every 3 hours, throughout the day and night. During her sleep I would swaddle her in a swaddle blanket to help her sleep longer and cry less. Another reason why I love swaddling is because it helps her body structure. I had my auntie by my side to help me with Alanna, she actually showed me how to swaddle, bath and burp her. It didn’t take that long to properly swaddle her, as I had to do it 8 times in a day!

Swaddle Blankets

The reason why I love the petite piccolo swaddle blankets as they are made from 100% pre washed cotton and are large in size at 120 x 120 which is fantastic. As the size was large I was able to use the swaddle blankets on Alanna up to 3.5 months. After that I started to half swaddle her as she kept on popping her arms out. The fabric is soothing soft and extra absorbent. They are lightweight and breathable which are perfect for naps or night time sleeping. Since becoming a mum I have learnt when is comes to buying cotton products, to check the yarn count. The higher the yarn count the more luxuriously soft, durable and most importantly very soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

How to Swaddle?

Below are images demonstrating how to swaddle your baby.

Step 1

Lay your swaddle blanket on the floor or bed in a diamond shape, then fold down the top corner 4-6 inches for the baby’s head.


Swaddle Blankets

Step 2

Lay your baby in the centre of the swaddle blanket. Gently hold your baby’s right arm alongside their body, slightly bent. Pull across the same side of the swaddle blanket over your baby’s chest. Then tuck it surely under its left arm while making sure your baby can still bend their hips up and outwards.

Swaddle blankets

Step 3

Take the bottom of the swaddle blanket up towards your baby’s chest and tuck the swaddle into the top of the fabric

Swaddle Blankets

Step 4

Finally hold your baby’s left arm down and pull  the bottom corner over his right shoulder. If there are any extra material left around the swaddle, simply tuck them in so they are cosy and snug.

Swaddle blankets

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