How we grew!

Alami International Limited was founded in 1975. As a company,
we have over 40 years’ experience in the textile industry. Everything we do is dedicated to making the softest, safest, and most durable textile products. From the design, cut, fabric and print, quality is at the heart of what we do.

Petite Piccolo was developed by a group of mothers with a variety of expertise and background, all with the same idea, to design reusable, high quality products at an affordable price, with their baby’s health and well-being at the forefront of their minds. From the brand name to the specific products, our Piccolo mothers developed a range of lovely, luxurious and reusable baby essentials.

Our name was born from our very own Piccolo mothers. While discussing baby stories one mother shared how her baby falls asleep to the soft melodic sounds of the flute, inspired by this sweet story we decided to incorporate the musical element throughout our designs and production, using natural, breathable fabrics and musical notes within our range. Resulting in the launch of ‘ Petite Piccolo’, ‘Petite’ meaning ‘small’ and ‘Piccolo’, meaning ‘half-sized flute’, referencing the breathable fabrics we use, just like a flute with its holes. From our name to our collections, our Piccolo mothers are the unsung heroes, developing a range of premium, reusable essentials that every baby needs.

Since becoming parents and growing their own families, our Piccolo mothers understand how important quality is for a healthy and happy baby. All the products are natural, and made from 100% prewashed cotton muslin. The Petite Piccolo range offers a selection of breathable fabrics that absorb wetness, but are both multi-functional and versatile.

Our collections are defined by the foundation pieces every baby needs. Crafted for your baby’s well-being and comfort, and perfect for enjoying those precious moments together.

Our Range

Our range of Petite Piccolo products are made from 32s yarn, 100% prewashed cotton muslin. The higher the yarn count…the finer the yarn…the softer the cotton.

By manufacturing in cotton rather than alternative fabrics, Petite Piccolo is ensuring that absorbency is a key feature of its products. 100% cotton muslin is used in all Petite Piccolo products due to its breathability, which adds a key safety factor to all baby textile products. Using a higher than normal yarn count adds to the softness of the product. All the products are prewashed, which ensures that multiple washes at home would not distort the size and shape of the original product.

In this range a feather design or stars and moon design are represented. Feathers symbolise safety and protection. Stars and moon illustrates the presence of love and calmness. The launch of Petite Piccolo with these two prints shows the essence of the brand when using them with your little one.

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