Muslin cloths

Muslin cloths were literally my best friend! I had them everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, in my changing bag, I even found one of my muslin clothes in my glove box in my car! You would normally find my muslin attached to me shoulder, my husband’s too.

Alot of first time mums always ask me at the baby and toddler show, what are Muslin clothes and What do I use them for?

Muslin Cloths

What are Muslin Cloths?

Muslin cloths are smaller than swaddle blankets. They are designed to be the saviour for your little one’s dribbles, burps, and general cloth for cleaning up at all those difficult times. My favourite muslin cloths have to be from the Petite Piccolo range. They come in 2 beautiful prints. I chose the stars and moon print it fits my baby’s nursery theme. Even Zoe Hardman, who has her own blog Made by Mammas  loves the softness of the muslins.

Zoe Hardman

What are they made from?

They are made from a fabric that is soothingly soft and extra absorbent. Traditionally, muslins were used as reusable nappies. Due to their softness and versatility, muslins have evolved over many years to be used for more than just nappies. Petite Piccolo muslins are made from 100% pre washed cotton and use a high yarn count to ensure the softness from the muslins would be ever present through their many uses. Your little one will love the softness and size of the muslins at 70cm x 70cm.

What you can use them for…

1- wiping up dribble, vomit, spills, poo, wee, food during weaning.

2- Bib – my baby suffered from reflux so I always used a muslin as a bib. You can also use after feeding as babies tend to over spill their milk.

3 – During the summer period I use a muslin to cover my baby during nap times as they are light weight and breathable.

4 – Whilst changing my baby I lay a muslin on the changing mat so they are against the cotton muslin keeping her safe, as the plastic mat material can be cold to lay on.

5 – During nappy changing I use a muslin to dry my baby’s bottom.

6- During the early newborn stage I gave a quick wipe down for her bath. What I would do is use 2 muslin cloths, one which I wet then use to wipe her whole little body. Then I would use the other muslin cloth to dry her.

7 – I use a muslin cloth as a window shade by tucking one end up against the window and winding it up.

8- Comforter – babies love the texture and softness from a muslin.

9- Whilst feeding you may keep a muslin cloth over your shoulder when burping, they most probably will spit out milk.

10- As I breast fed my baby I would always kept a few muslin cloths in my bag to cover up whilst feeding in public.

11 –  Nappy cloths are originally from muslin nappies, so you can use them as a liner or as a nappy.

12 – My biggest challenge was teething – my baby would be chewing on anything and everything. I tend to keep a separate muslin just for her to chew on. A friend of mine gave me a really good tip. She would dampen the muslin cloth and place it in a bag and freeze it for a few minutes. The coldness helps sooth their gums.

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