congested baby

It’s that time again – the cold and cough season! It has to be my worst months as my daughter always suffers from a bad cold and cough.

During the day I give her Calpol twice a day and Tixylix (this helps sooth her cough) When they are ill they tend not too eat much, so mums don’t worry too much.  The other day Alanna literally had no lunch and only ate five raspberries. My best advise is; they know when they are hungry, so they will eat. They just need a lot of love and cuddles during this time. 

congested baby

At night this is where it all begins! I do my normal bath time  and bedtime routine . After her bath I rub Snuffle Babe Vapour rub on her chest, feet and forehead.  

I then fill up a bowl of water and 3 drops of Oilbas Oil and put it next to her cot. The water helps keep the atmosphere moist. This really helps, she actually sleeps throughout the night! 

If she suffers more of a runny nose I tie a muslin cloth to her cot and add 3 drops of Oilbas oil. This also helps her sleep at night too! There is always a muslin hanging over her cot when her nose runs, as I prefer to wipe her nose with a soft muslin rather than a tissue.

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