I was doing my usual routine, breast feeding, winding, changing nappy, swaddling and laying her down for her nap. (I felt like a machine as I was doing this eight times a day for one month) Five minutes later, she vomited! It went everywhere all over the blanket and sheets. I straight away googled it – It was signs of Reflux!

This kept happening after every feed, it was getting very frustrating and I would always get down about it. I used to go through around 10 bibs and muslin cloths day (You can imagine my laundry load!)  She vomited six times out of my eight feeds, and I would always have to change her sleep suits at least three times in one day. My family would laugh at me as she was always in a bib!

What is Reflux?

My health care visitor Helen, explained, reflux is when the contents of the baby’s stomach come up the oesophagus. The reason why this happens is because their food pipe hasn’t fully developed and can’t keep the food down resulting the milk to come out of the baby’s mouth. Babies with reflux can be distressing and painful for them. Helen gave me some tips to help Alanna’s reflux:

  • Wedge a few books under the mosses basket at a 45 degree angle
  • Breast feed for 10 minutes, wind her and hold her upright for at least 15 minutes. Then go back to feeding and repeat.
  • No tight clothing especially round baby’s tummy
  • Try and put her in a sling so she is upright which allows her to digest her food.

How to cope with a reflux baby

I did follow her advice, but it was still happening. I decided to go the doctors to see if they could give her any medicine. The doctor gave me two options; one was to continue my daily routine or to give her Gaviscon infant (I would have to give her this 4 times a day before my feed). He also mentioned reflux is very common and will fade away once your baby starts weaning and able to sit up. Before I went to the doctors I  actually started off giving Alanna Gaviscon but it didn’t really help that much.

I decided not to continue with Gavison and let the reflux naturally fade out naturally. Most babies start weaning at 6 months but I decided to start at 5.5 months to help reduce her vomiting.  The first week of weaning I started to notice she wasn’t vomiting as much. As time went by her reflux totally faded out.



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