Summer is officially here! Seriously though I feel I’ve blinked and half the year has gone already how did that even happen?! Those warm summer nights will soon be creeping in making it really hard for us to get a proper night’s sleep but what if you are pregnant throughout the height of summer? Not only are you hot with the heatwave, but thanks to the hormonal changes, increased blood flow and heat created by the placenta, your core body temperature gets higher than normal in pregnancy, so it can be a real challenge when pregnant, we have collated some pointers to try and keep you and your bump cooler in those warmer months, to all the momma’s to be out there we’ve got you!!

  • Cotton Clothes: Now is the time to get as many extra hours sleep in as possible however, when it is warmer you might feel more exhausted especially while sleeping. Wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen will help keep you cool.
  • Water with a Twist: Staying hydrated is the most important advice that doctors keep giving us through summer seasons, and it’s double times as crucial in pregnancy, if you are bored of drinking water why not add some fruit to your drink to keep you hydrated.
  • Wear a Hat: Wearing a hat while pregnant with a wide brim will help keep you shielded from the sun’s rays and help keep you cooler.
  •  Take a Dip:  What better way to help keep yourself cool in the summer by doing some swimming not only is it good for you but also your babies health, check your local swim centre for  pregnancy swim classes, a great way to stay cool and keep healthy.
  •  Too hot to sleep … Keeping a fine cooling spray near will be a lifesaver during the summer months, lightly spray your face for a cool down.
  •  Frozen Fruit snack or a Popsicle : Freezing fruit is a perfect snack to help cool you down, not only is it a tasty snack it’s also good for you so it’s a win win, popsicles are also another great snack during summer.
  •  Stay in the shade: Try to avoid being out in the midday sun from 11am-3pm if you are out in the sun try and sit in shaded places this will help making you feel cool.
  • Keeping your home cool: Closing your curtains or blinds will help keep your home nice and cool, leave windows open for a nice breeze around your house.
  • Swollen Feet and Hands: During the summer you are more likely to suffer with swollen hands and feet, if you consume a lot of salt normally it will make it worse due to its water retention in the body, lowering your intake of salty foods will reduce this and help make you feel more comfortable.
  • Benefits of Cucumber: Throughout summer keep a cucumber in your fridge put a thin slice over your eyes, this will give you instant cooling hit.

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